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Fa)(a is a modular and scalable printer, able to print any material and entirely customizable in every single aspect  The Fa)(a bars for X and Y axes include neodymium magnets, creating a real magnetic levitation! This feature extremely reduces the friction during the printing, unburdening the motors and supporting any printing acceleration.  A modular project  We love the idea of a printer suitable to any of your particular requirements. We believe in easily sharing your needs in order to let them being developed by the OpenSource community.  Fa)(a 3D has a simple snap-fit connexion near the extruder, connected with the sliding system of the X axis through a 9 poles plug, so that you can use any extruder/hotend, both 3mm and 1.75.  If you need a fast print you can put a bigger hotend up, but if you need a really accurate print you can use a smaller hotend! You can exchange it in less than 3 mins.  The printing platter is being modified in order to have the space for the Bowden 1.75mm extruders in the back frame, where you can also find the stands for the filament reels.  FAQ  You can purchase and build your own Fa)(a in the FabLab nearest to you. Here you have all the infos Is Fa)(a 3D  OpenSource?  Totally, in every single part…even the organization is Open! If you want to build Fa)(a on your own you can find all our projects in our Github account, linked at the end of this page. Where can I find it?  You can find it in your nearest FabLab! We will advertise the Fa)(a workshops on our social channels too and in the website section below. How can I sign up for the workshop?  Contacting the FabLab. In an “advertising moment” (lasting about 20 days) you can deposit up to the 50% of the workshop+kit price. What does the workshop include?  The workshop includes all the components for the basic version of the printer, the building classes and a lesson guiding you through your first print. We are a FabLab/Hackerspace/Makerspace, can we organize a Fa)(a 3D workshop?  Of course! The organization of the workshop is completely for free. Send us a mail with your phone number and some information about your Lab, we will contact you as soon as possible!

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