Management Team

Simone Amber


Simone Amber is the co-founder of Fab Lab Connect- to Build, Accelerate & Connect Fab Labs as well as to bring resources to projects from the Fab Lab community in order to take them to the next level. She joined the Fab Foundation board when it was created in 2009 by MIT Professor Neil Gershenfeld.

Her expertise lies deeply in the corporate world of finance, investor relations, corporate social responsibility, stakeholder relations, and employee engagement as experts and mentors. She also works across sectors: Governments, NGOs, international organizations, corporations, academia, and local communities.

She is the architect of a unique, innovative and technology-focused educational program called Schlumberger Excellence in Education Development (SEED):

  • 20 years experience in Education: Founder and CEO of SEED, a standalone corporate social responsibility arm of Schlumberger
  • Worked closely since 1993 with the MIT Media Lab, originally with Professor Seymour Papert, then with his students and colleagues
  • Served a network of over 1,000 schools of which 300 in 44 developing countries received grants with the support of employees and volunteers from 115 countries
  • Focused on issues like water and climate change and provided teacher training around STEM and robotics

Simone graduated from l’Institut d’Etudes Politiques (Paris) and subsequently received her MBA from INSEAD, a European business school. She then moved to New York City. SEED was born out of a deep sense of the increasing interdependence of all people. Simone wanted to create opportunities for youth, especially in the most disadvantaged parts of the world. Education combined with technology made it possible to provide powerful tools, training as well as collaboration with youth from different parts of the world. What better way to give individuals more opportunities and to create more tolerance?

That dream came true and now she wants to support innovators to make their dreams come true through Fab Lab Connect.

Nader Shaterian

Nader Shaterian


Nader Shaterian is the Co-Founder of Fab Lab Connect and Founder/CEO of NPOST Media Group. Advisor and Mentor for Venture Capital Projects in Europe and the United States for Social Good, Art and Education.

Mechanical Engineer by training, Nader worked in the automotive and aerospace industries for 10 years. After receiving his Masters in Information Systems and Management at UC Berkeley in 1997, he spent 15 years in the Silicon Valley. Excels at building technical teams from the ground up. Held Advisory roles at Cisco, Fujitsu, JP Morgan Chase, Sonic, MARSYS and AT&T.

In 2009 Nader Founded NPOST Media Group which provides inbound and social media marketing for Fortune 500 Companies. Current clients include Dole Food Company.

In 2013 Co-Founded Fab Lab Connect with Simone Amber to provide access to technology for the masses. Partnered with MIT Center for Bits and Atoms to build and manage Fab Labs in France and Ecuador.

Current Projects:

  • Fab Lab VR app is being built and makes it possible for anyone to experience a Fab Lab from anywhere using virtual reality.
  • Virtual simulation for Cognitive Patient Research at UCLA – Laboratory of Neuromodulation & Neuroimaging
  • School Fab Lab is a project-based, integrated education program that focuses on digital design, digital fabrication and robotics. The program is delivered through three main components: teacher training, online platform and machines.