Grant Recipient Process

Fab Project Replication Process

  1. Grant Recipients will be notified via email that they have been awarded the Grant.
  2. The notification to the recipient is valid for 60 days. If not claimed, then the Grant will be withdrawn.
  3. The recipient must provide a PayPal account within 60 days of winning.
  4. The payment will be transferred through PayPal to the Grant recipient.
  5. The recipient accepts the terms and conditions below when accepting the Grant.
  6. In order for you to claim your grant, you need to create an online course which participating Fab Labs will use for replicating your project at the local level.
  7. The recipient needs to convert their project into an online course in the Fab Lab Platform.
  8. The online course will be used as a guide and tracking mechanism for replicating your project in the new Fab Lab.
    1. Once you create your online course, it can be used in multiple Fab Labs without need of recreation.
  9. Project replication happens in Yachay Fab Lab, Ecuador and Fab Lab Corsica, France.
  10. $1000 Grant breakdown:
    1. Recipient will receive $400 upon completion of creating a Workshop for their project on the Fab Lab Platform.
      1. Project replication workshops will be created as a course on the Learning Management System (LMS)
        1. Fab Lab Connect Support will assist Project Owners in creating their workshop in the system
      2. Provide Project documentation:
        1. Clear description of the project
        2. Provide clear step-by-step instructions for parts and assemblies- including timelines required to complete each step
          1. Estimated time for completing the project from start to end
        3. Complete Bill of Materials (BOM)
          1. Include part number in reference to reseller
          2. Include total cost of the parts
        4. Full list of part resellers with contact information
      3. Workshop-related information regarding duration, number of attendants, space, tools and safety to be included.
    2. Recipient will receive $600 upon completion of mentoring remotely, the replication of the Project in both Fab Labs.
      1. Project replication Workshops are scheduled through the replicating Fab Lab, based on availability.
      2. A minimum of 6 hours of online live support sessions through voice, video, and screen-sharing is required for each replication Workshop. During this time you will support Workshop participants and /or Fab Manager to replicate your Project in their Labs.

Fab Lab project replications Grants are on hold until further notice, we provided grants when we could fund raise for them from donors.