School Fab Lab Makerspace

What is a School Fab Lab Makerspace?

A School Fab Lab Makerspace is a STEAM, project-based, integrated education program based on the constructionism theory developed by Professor Seymour Papert at MIT Media Lab. It adapts the Fabrication Laboratory (Fab Lab), created by Professor Neil Gershenfeld at MIT’s Center for Bits and Atoms to fit the needs and requirements of schools. School Fab Lab focuses on digital design, fabrication and robotics.

School Fab Lab News

This Ceramic Ink Can 3D-Print Bones Directly Into A Patient’s Body.

A newly discovered 3D-printing method could be revolutionary for bone cancer treatment. A new 3D printing process which can be used inside the human body is offering hope to trauma and cancer patients who need bone replacements, reducing pa... Read more

School Fab Lab
School Fab Lab Makerspace